How do you want
east surrey to be
in 2030?

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on the 22nd April 2021
People's Assembly


How do you want East Surrey to be in 2030?

By 2030, what would you like to see in Mole Valley, in Reigate & Banstead, and in Tandridge?

Less traffic? Better public transport? Better air quality? Or would you like to see a stronger local economy? An East Surrey with more community centres? More accessible housing? More jobs in the local area? Or better mutual aid capabilities?

We live in unprecedented times: technological advancements that allow a global community and worldwide social and political changes, but also a looming climate and ecological crisis, and a pandemic that has uprooted everyone’s lives. The last year, it is fair to say, has been difficult for everyone.

Yet, the pandemic has also shown us that change is possible and far quicker than we’d ever thought, which raises questions about the future: where are we going as a society? Where would we like to be? Change has happened and will continue to happen.

Which is why we’re asking you: What do you want East Surrey to be like in 2030?

We want to hear from you!

Start the change you want to see. Build your community.

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