How do we achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050?

People's Assembly Surrey, working with Surrey's Greener Futures team, 2022-25 path to Net Zero by 2050 Delivery Programme.


Surrey 2050 - Sustainable Neighbourhoods & Communities

Work directly with Surrey's Greener Futures team as they draft the 2022-25 Delivery Programme on their path to Net Zero by 2050.

Surrey County Council know what needs to be done by 2025, 2030, and to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

They also know that success will only come from co-delivery with residents, local businesses and other organisations.

This is your opportunity to help develop their thinking on how to achieve this.

Which is why we’re asking you: How do we achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050, in Surrey?

We want to hear from you!

Start the change you want to see. Build your community.

what is a people's assembly?

An introduction to what a People's Assembly is and why we're holding one in East Surrey. 

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Who we are

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