How's Your Vision for East Surrey coming along?

How well is your imagination working today? Maybe you've already got a very clear idea of how you want East Surrey to be in 2030 and are ready to share your vision with the others at Thursday's People's Assembly. Or maybe you're planning to spend some time on it this weekend; on imagining the future you want to live, 10 years from now?

What are the two or three most important elements of your vision? Greater connectedness perhaps, with stronger communities? A regenerative local economy? A radically different education system… perhaps one where school children of all ages are working and learning outdoors in nature two days a week? What about nature, and our future relationship with it? Maybe you want to see very different transport arrangements; public transport, far safer cycling for children and adults? Or is your focus on the indoors, on a future life in energy-efficient buildings, whether new or refurbished? Maybe all the REs are your thing: reduce, recycle, reuse, rethink… treating waste as a resource?

You'll have thought of many others, all pieces of the jigsaw we'll be assembling on Thursday. We can't expect to complete the puzzle in one evening but we can at least see which bits of the picture come together best, and celebrate those. 

If you haven't yet, sign up to the Eventbrite here to make sure you get the zoom link!

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Tuesday, 31 January 2023