Other Topics & Ideas | Participant contributions at the 22nd April online People's Assembly

We've sorted rich flood of ideas and vision elements shared into four broad groups; you can access the other groups – and a catch-all group - below.

Transport, public, private and active
Community, community hubs and spaces
Citizenship, society & education
Land, nature and housing

• Crematoria fumes drive air pollution & emissions. There are alternatives to embalming, hardwood coffins and being cremated such as natural burials with simple, in the ground, biodegradable coffins/boxes, all eco-friendly.
• Concerns over plans for new Crematoria Warlingham – gas free? - and public consultation.
• All Districts and Areas of Surrey to be nuclear free zones.
• Any government that is prepared to use these weapons is unlikely to care about the climate.
• People think what does carbon mean for me? But the biggest change required for sustainability is for individuals to change food and dietary choices.
• People need to be aware of the impact their diets are having so they can make better decisions.
• Struggle to relate the UN goals to East Surrey. The ones that resonated were about ending poverty and hunger. East Surrey is relatively prosperous but as Covid has demonstrated, there is unmet need across all age groups. Many who were barely coping before have been given 'permission' to ask for help - food is one area.
• Increase awareness of the pollution caused by wood burning stoves.
• Very concerned about food and water security.
• Proposed having a universal basic income and rehousing homeless people.
• Put forward a goal to eradicate poverty in Surrey by 2030 as a "moral obligation". Give children and young people a good start in Surrey and have the opportunity and desire to stay in Surrey as they grew older.
• Feelings of hopelessness but believes we can be a model of how to live without overconsumption and how to evolve with more respect for the non-human world.
• Local oil drilling sites (Brockham, Horsehill etc.), very difficult to get people to do something here, most people seem very reserved with conservative attitudes.
• The problem is the economic system which is consumption based.
• Consumption ‐ address items with big carbon footprint.
• Doing a little thing each day and having the courage to raise issues and challenge people.
• Need to tackle global issues as we've got to do bigger things, but most people involved in local activism haven't got time to do bigger things. How can we get involved on a wider scale?
• I'm a big believe in you've got to start somewhere, start with what you have and where you are, then this grows and spreads, work from there.
• I used to be involved in activism but found it too broad. I find I need things to be meaningful and individual to me. It's interesting that we have different approaches on that point.
• Changes in upper levels has to be done.
• Persuade insurance companies and pensions firms to use a green code to change things and encourage ethical investment. There needs to be change in the financial sector to change people's ideas as well as changing whole business sectors.
• Good idea to rate companies that people are investing in. I find it difficult to know much about the companies my money is invested in and I've been looking into ethical investing.
• been good for me to learn more about ethical businesses and most who behave ethically are also at the cutting edge. Companies are beginning to realise they need to package things in a way that it can be understood.
• Any company that isn't ethical isn't something I want to be part of.

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