Some Weekend Homework For East Surrey 2030. Set aside some time over this weekend to start building your own vision.

On Thursday week at the 22 April 'East Surrey 2030' People's Assembly you'll be helping create a Vision for our local community built by the people for the people.

You'll meet and connect with others with whom you find common cause; and you'll help demonstrate the value of this form of bottom-up, participatory democracy to local and regional government as a way to develop policy with immediate buy-in.

By working in 8-10 person groups for a major part of the evening, there'll be time for everyone to contribute their ideas, and to see how they might fit with those of others. We'll then come back together to hear the headlines from each group and take a collective view on them.

22 April is not the time for detail, nor for wasting energy on what you don't want; it's a time for sharing what you do want in your future, in your life in 2030. So please set aside some time over this weekend to let your imagine rip, to dream a little and to start building your own vision ready to share.

See you on 22 April at 8.00pm. Sign up on Eventbrite here.

P.S. If you need a little help to think beyond the box, check these short animations promoting Rob Hopkins's 'Ministry of the Imagination' podcasts.

A day in 2030: Episode One

A day in 2030: Episode Two

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Tuesday, 31 January 2023