TRANSPORT - Public, Private, Cycling and Walking | Participant contributions at the 22nd April online People's Assembly

We've sorted a rich flood of ideas and vision elements shared into four broad groups; you can access the other groups – and a catch-all group - below.
Community, community hubs and spaces
Land, nature and housing
Citizenship, society and education
Other topics & ideas

Some of the ideas have been included in more than one of the above groups, and we've deliberately left all near-duplication to emphasise the most common themes.

• More action and get more done.
• GP has seen the effects of air pollution in asthma rates.
• Clean air for all - not to have to breathe polluted air due to social status or income.
• Not burning energy to travel with reference to all travel, not just air travel. Reduce energy footprint.
• Reduce traffic to encourage more cycling.
• The pandemic has provided the quiet of less traffic; need to have less cars on the roads.
• The roads are an interesting specific thing in Dorking; air and noise pollution from leisure traffic.
• Need to cut back on vehicles to make life better for everyone including car drivers.
• Address transport – both cars and aviation. Switch to other forms of transport.
• Improved air quality, especially with Gatwick Airport, the M25 and other big roads nearby.
• Some children do walk to school but don't currently cycle because it's not safe.
• Suppress traffic, get people out of cars, make cycling safer.
• Litter reduction goes with traffic reduction.
• Royal Horticultural Society has produced a report on the kind of shrubs that can be planted along busy roads and on roundabouts o absorb pollution.

• Increase the limits on traffic and emissions for the next generations.
• Would start with a default speed limit of 20mph for towns.
• Ban private cars, use rented cars instead.

Specific to Towns & Villages
• Examine how to pedestrianise the town centre to make a place a destination not a drive-thru. Shared spaces enable people to connect.
• Consider aspects such as park & ride.
• The idea of '15 minute cities 'to be used where practical for active travelling, on foot or bike.
• Cycle racks.
• Electric buses going through villages & towns.
• More cycle paths.
• Traffic calming because cars drive too fast.
• Close High St during designated time at the weekend.
• Closing off North St to slow down traffic and ease congestion.
• Pavements are too narrow and therefore dangerous, so people walk in the road.

Electric Vehicles
• Need help to make electric cars/travel accessible for all.
• Use small electric buses, especially those that take a direct route and not a circuitous one, this would encourage more people to use them, especially at peak times.
• Encourage electric cars.
• Introduce more charging points on the street to encourage more use.
• But… more electric cars means more batteries which means more exploitation of the world's resources.

Community Transport/Transport Overhaul
• Transport - people need to get from one place to another.
• Transport for the elderly/disabled a problem in Reigate. Community transport has been replaced with taxi vouchers which does not work for everyone.
• The system is not well connected, different companies, very expensive, not so reliable.
• Specific places/routes are not accessible (from Horley) regardless of distance, limiting employment opportunities. e.g. Warlingham to Croydon. Ideally electric buses in the future.
• A ticket across companies like an oyster card.
• Buses and trains are an integrated system.
• Encourage people to car share e.g. 'co-wheels'. Hiring cars for shorter periods of time.
• Buses are dirty and empty and expensive. Smaller buses may be the answer, which also run after 7pm in the evening.
• Transform whole transport system away from the deeply embedded culture of cars in Surrey.
• Comprehensive infrastructure changes, guiding people's behaviour away from vehicle domination.
• Surrey to have better infrastructure for active travel, such as foot paths and cycle lanes.
• Equal access to public transport. Find an equitable way of transport so we don't have to have the presence of private vehicles.
• Improve communication and transport for people with disabilities.
• Decrease traffic through the use of electric bikes, cars, buses (improved transport infrastructure).
• Public transport; I lived in a city before living in Reigate where I was very used to good public transport. A lot could be done here. At the moment it takes me 15 mins to drive to Gatwick in my car and park for free by my office. By bus, it takes 1hr 15mins to go to the wrong terminal, there's 1 bus every hour and a ticket costs £5.50. I think this is why buses are quite empty. We need to look at the route design and we need subsidies from the council or government to make public transport effective so that people take it up.

Cycling & Footpaths
• Clean air and atmosphere.
• Increase footpaths.
• Open paths used by walkers and horses to cyclists.
• Increase cycle paths to get people to cycle more often and safely. Provide accessible routes for all.
• More cycleways, walkways, less or no cars, better public transport but not through villages. The traffic through Betchworth is appalling.
• Electric bikes for rent.
• All villages should be connected by decent cycle lanes so those not brave enough to cycle on roads can take to bikes, mobility scooters etc at all times of years, no cars too close, no muddy cars in the winter - to feel safe and enabled. (Working from home since lockdown but previously commuting to Leatherhead from Buckland thanks to decent cycle lane along A24 Dorking-Leatherhead constructed 1930s. Probably the best cycle lane in Surrey, great infrastructure).
• Had been informed by a local schoolboy that cycles to school that bike parking is only available for certain year groups. Better infrastructure needed for everyone.
• The state of footpaths (also for cyclists to get off road) are bad: not cleaned, not cut back, full of mud due to road run off (not drained properly) which makes it miserable for active travellers particularly in winter.

Air Traffic
• Reduce air traffic, convince people to fly less. Pollute less, make less noise.
• Re-wild Gatwick.

A shared vision for 'Citizenship, society and education?

At the end of the 22 April Assembly each breakout room presented the 3 most common themes from their participants' contributions. Here's a Vision Statement based on those 33 summary elements; that vision can be made much richer by inclusion of the detail from above.

In 2030 East Surrey's integrated transport scheme is one reason everyone wants to live here; it is both efficient and convenient and used by most school children and commuters.
Car use is the exception outside of rush hour too, as Park & Ride schemes are feeding local towns: the café and market culture in the spaces released and now pedestrianised has revived local pleasure shopping, and is seen as a tangible reward for the community's work to overcome our love affair with cars.
We are a healthy county: walkers enjoy well-maintained footpaths and wide pavements in town. Many of us cycle regularly on wide, child-safe cycle lanes and many more – whole families – appear on the car-free first Sunday of each month.
With more trees than many neighbouring counties our air is sparkling, untroubled by pollution as the majority of cars (most of them community-owned), commercial vehicles, and all public vehicles are electric.
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