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22nd April 2021 - How do you want East Surrey to be in 2030?

We've had a lot of positive feedback from the first East Surrey people's assembly, where there were more than 80 participants in the zoom meeting. A big thank you to everyone who attended, thank you for contributing all your ideas and making the People's Assembly happen.

The word cloud below gives you an idea of the discussions that came out of local people getting together to imagine a better East Surrey.

We envisioned a 2030 East Surrey as a web of well-connected communities, collaborating with the authorities to realise community-led initiatives. There were ideas for a fully integrated transport system, with significantly reduced car use enabling more pedestrianisation, safe cycling and walking.

We imagined East Surrey in 2030 as an area where nature and biodiversity are considered a full member of our community, are protected by law and have an equal voice in all decisions. Others saw movement from a consumption-based society to embrace shared ownership, local production, and a variety or re-use, repaire and re-purposing schemes run by young entrepeneurs.

 word cloud 2021

None of those sentences begin to do justice the rich flood of ideas and vision elements shared by the participants at the 22nd April People's Assembly. For the moment we've sorted them all into four broad groups, and you can access them on our blog:

Many of your ideas have been included in more than one of the above groups, and we've deliberately left all near-duplication to emphasise the most common themes. Please feel free to comment, expand and add energy to them all by joining the East Surrey People's Assembly facebook group here.
Or you can further the discussion by adding comments to the blog posts.

A pdf of the full length feedback from every group on the evening will be made available soon.

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