Who We Are

We are an alliance of people from all over East Surrey, individuals and representatives of organisations and movements actively working for change. 

At the Assembly, we connected with people from Transition Dorking and Bookham, from Climate Action Redhill and Reigate, from the Green Party, from Extinction Rebellion (many originally involved in the campaign to stop oil-drilling at Leith Hill), from local Cycle Groups, from Dorking Climate Emergency, from Eco-Schools, from the Eco-Church movement, from the Horse Hill Campaign. There would be young people and elderly, students and teachers, employees and enterpreneurs, scientists and artists - people from all walks of life with concerns about the future.

We were with people dedicated to building strong communities, with vibrant local economies; people interested in grassroots democracy, and those raising awareness and working towards minimising the effects of the climate crisis, of ecological breakdown and biodiversity loss. People focused on transport issues, on ensuring a sustainable future for our local towns. People working with nature, others with business. People wanting East Surrey to the best possible place to live in 2030.

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